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History of the Japanese
Forged Chef Knife

What is a Forged Chef

What is a Damascus   Forged   Blade?

What is the best Handle Material for the Chef Knife?

Differences between
American, European
and Japanese Chef Knives.

Difference between the French Chef Knife and the German Chef Knife.

What is a Balanced Chef Knife?

Tools and Process for Sharpening a Chef Knife


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When it come to kitchen knives, the king is the Chef Knife.
When it comes to Chef Knives, the king is the
Sakura 8" Chef Knife.

How long have you been looking
for that perfect chef knife for your kitchen?

Sakura - Evolution of the Chef Knife

For many years, cooks used in their home Kithcen Chef Knives - Sakura Chef Knife Variegated Blade
kitchens, knives that were good when they were new or when they were sharpened by professionals.

The real good chef knives were in
professional kitchens
or they were
only affordable to the upper class
home cooks.

In the passed few years a trend started that gave the opportunity for regular enthusiast home chefs the opportunity to add to their kitchen a professional chef knife.

There are new European Chef Knife Brands:Wusthof 8" Chef Knife

  • F. Dickck

  • J. A. Henkels

  • Wusthof Dreizak

  • Sabatier

  • Victorinox

American Chef Knife Brands:

  • Cuisinart

  • Cutco

  • Ginsu

  • KitchenAid

  • Spyderco

And probably the better and certainly the
later exposed Japanese Chef Knife Brands:
Kithcen Chef Knives - Sakura 8" Chef Knife Gift Box

  • Global

  • Kyocera

  • Sakura

  • Kershaw

One of the more amazing
Knives available today,
is the Sakura 8" Chef Knife. Going back 11 generations, Sakura Chef Knives
have been making the sharpest Japanese knife blades Japan.

Until recently they only produced Japanese style knives that were
uncomfortable for Europeans or Americans to use.

Lately they have started making European style Chef Knives.
These are the knives that we are used to work with.

The Japanese blades are forged with a metal called VG-10
which is only forged in Japan.

This metal is so precious to the Japanese culture that it is
forbidden to export it
as raw material
outside of Japan.

The Chef Knife Blade is folded 33 time on each side,
giving it 67 Layers of VG-10 Steel.

Get more information about the history of the Japanese Chef Knife.

See the layers of the variegated surface on the blade of the Chef Knife. Kithcen Chef Knives - One steel molecule edge.
This pattern is also called Damascus Surface, or Damascus blade.

What these layers do is give the
Amazing Sakura Chef Knife
extraordinary amount of steel fibers
running all the way through the blade
allowing for flexibility and extreme strength.

This will be the hardest piece of metal you will ever own.

As you can see in the pictures, the layers run all the way
through the blade and into the back end of the handle.

Note that the Carbon Steel Blade extends all the way throught the knife handle.

This is like the old saying "You can break one bamboo
shoot easily, but try breaking 10 at the same time."

Damascus Carbon Steel 67 Layers Variegated Surface.




I got this beautiful knife as a gift from my wife.
I've always wanted a real Chef's Knife, but since the
prices were always a bit more than I could afford,
I have always delayed the purchase.
I cannot tell you how happy I was when my wife
gave me the knife as a birthday gift.
I use it all the time, it stays sharp, and it cuts through anything.
Really amazing.
Only when Gwen (my wife) told me how much it cost her,
I understood what a bargain it is.
Thanks a lot.
Stan Walters,
San Diego, CA

I've been using the Sakura Chef Knife for 3 years now.
I can’t think of using another knife.
It is still the best chef knife I've ever had.
Stefano DiPaolo
Northport, NY

See more Sakura Chef Knife Testimonials.

Life Time Warranty

When you purchase your Sakura 8" Chef Knife,
you do not only get the best available cooking
knife for your kitchen.

You also get a Lifetime Warranty.

You are in fact joining thousands of other
happy Sakura Knife owners who already
have, and will have the most amazing knife for life.

When you receive your knife, you also get a
Lifetime Warranty, stating that anytime, it can be in 5 years,
10 years, or even 30 years, your knife breaks, or
gets damaged, you will get a brand new
Sakura Knife instead.

Sakura Chef Knife Lifetime Warrantee.

Sakura Warrantee Information

Take me to the Sakura Chef Knife order page now.

Watch the video of the Sakura 8" Chef Knife.
Note that when cutting the paper the chef is
holding the Sakura Knife at the tip of its handle
with only two fingers .

"Sharper Then a Razor Blade...";

This is what you will receive when you order the amazing
Sakura 8" Professional Forged Japanese Chef Knife for your kitchen.

  • First of all you get the best 8" Forged Chef Knife available today.

  • You get a beautiful fitted bonus gift case with see through cover and a magnetic lid.

  • You get a professional explanation detailing how to care for your new Sakura 8" Chef Knife.

    Sakura 8" Japanese Chef Knife.

    Sakura 8" Chef Knife with Pakka wood Handle.
    Read more about kitchen knife handles.

More information is available in the Sakura Chef Knife FAQ section.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason what-so-ever you are not
satisfied with your Sakura 8" Chef Knife.
All you have to do is return it within
30 days of receipt, unused and in its
original box and your money will be refunded.

Sakura Chef Knife 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

* Please see Terms & Conditions.

Buy Now the
Sakura 8" Chef Knife

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* Sakura knives are made in Japan.
* Blade material is VG-10.
* Each blade is forged and folded 67 times for amazing strength and flexibility.
* Each knife comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
* For more information, please see Terms & Conditions.

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